POKT Node Creation and Management

Hassle-free and secure POKT staking

Earn up to 20-50% APY* by staking your POKT

* Based on rolling 3-month estimates

Choose between one of our offerings to get started


Fully managed node
  • per month and per node
  • Minimum of 2 nodes
  • 15,100 POKT per node
  • We manage your node and chains from start to finish – you have nothing to do!
  • We send your rewards weekly to an address of your choice or compound it into new nodes

Wealth Builder
  • per month and per node
  • + 80% of earnings during buildup
  • No minimum
  • 0 POKT to start!
  • We build your node. You send us
  • a 2,500 POKT per month contribution up to 15,100
  • Once you have 15,100 POKT, we reduce our share of earnings to 15% and charge $100 monthly

Setup & Chain management
  • initial setup fee per node
  • + $50 per month per chain
  • No minimum
  • 15,100 POKT per node
  • We help you set up nodes on your own machine (with your own private keys)
  • We run & maintain the blockchain nodes ourself and provide connection credentials


Track your nodes & rewards easily

All our of clients are given access to our POKT rewards tracking and management tool

This will allow you to follow your performance easily and transparently

Key features include

  • Rewards and relays overview
  • Full list of relays and sessions
  • Node health monitoring
  • Chain health and sync monitoring
  • Server health and performance monitoring
  • Full financial reports including
    • Income calculation (in fiat and crypto)
    • Capital gains calculation (using different accounting methods)

Software is also available on a subscription-based model. Contact us to learn more.

POKT Node Creation and Management

POKT Solutions

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